Facial Treatments and Fumi Massage

Treatments tailored just for you

All treatments are designed to deliver on results while also supporting your wellness for a truly customized and relaxing experience.

Fumi Massage

This specialist technique from Japan is a fusion of chiropractor and shiatsu massage therapy using feet and body weight to perform deep tissue work.

Perfect for
  • Unwinding muscle tension
  • Lumbar pain and body aches
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Sports massage
  • Excess stress, agitation and exhaustion
  • Maintaining or improving one’s general health
  • Promoting an improved immune system and self-healing process
Fumi Massage
Facial Massage

Facial Treatments

Treatments to help you achieve bright, healthy looking skin with an extensive décolletage massage.

Perfect for
  • Improving circulation
  • Rejuvenating sagging skin
  • Nourishing your facial and neck skin
  • Helps distribute collagen that holds the skin firmly on the neck
  • Reduce sinus pressure problems, breathing problems and congestion
  • An excellent stress and anxiety buster

Reiki Healing

"I love combining healing into all my treatments, this non-invasive method works alongside my hands-on skills to support the health and wellbeing for each client." — Sachiko

Sachiko is also certified Reiki healer, in addition she has refined and developed this technique further to incorporate "Universal Life Energy" healing in combination with her facial and fumi treatments.

Her passion is for people to enjoy and live healthy lives, using this non-invasive healing technique, she brings a unique combination that aims to improve one’s happiness, health and wellbeing.

Your body’s charkra tells a lot about your body’s energy state, Sachiko will look deep into your body’s charkra to release any blockages or imbalances to improve the flow of energy throughout your body. Through this you’ll find out what aura colour your body projects out into the universe.