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The Happiness story - the power of touch

My name is Sachiko and I'm the co-founder of Happiness Place. I'm a certified esthetician and Fumi-Master. I know finding the right therapist that works for you isn’t always easy, and I agree. This led me to challenge the norm — how could I add something new which at the same time focuses on you the customer?

That’s how I got the idea for Happiness Place: a place where the power of healing and energy is incorporated into all my services. Not only that, as a trained Fumi-Master I'm proud to bring to you a revolutionary new massage technique from Japan called: Fumi Massage.

This specialist Japanese technique is a fusion of chiropractor and shiatsu massage therapy using the foot and body weight to perform deep tissue work. It’s been incredible to see the response from day one. I'm extremely proud knowing that this technique has helped many people with various muscle problems, stress, pain, and tension.

I hope you’ll give this a try, and experience the feeling of physical calm and relaxation.

Sachiko Weir

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