Unlock the secret to youthful appearance and well-being with The Oral Healing System - Magical MASK

Are you tired of harsh treatments and invasive procedures to achieve a youthful and radiant complexion? The Magical MASK offers a revolutionary solution designed to help raise the position of the tongue for optimal health and beauty.

Slim, refine & depuff your face

The Magical MASK helps you achieve a slimmer, more defined face without the risks of invasive procedures or harsh chemicals. It can be worn during daily activities such as watching TV, cooking, working on the computer, and even while sleeping.

The muscles of your tongue have a great influence on the muscles of the face, and having the tongue raised and in the correct position has great health and beauty benefits.

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Great for that "important" date

Got a sudden outing or event? The Magical MASK heals you like an esthetician. Wear it for an hour and look like you've had a quick visit to a beautician or beauty salon :-)

Improve your complexion with ease

The Magical MASK not only helps you achieve a slimmer and defined face, but it also helps you improve your complexion, reduce lines and puffiness, balance your face, sharpen your jawline, and even balance your teeth.

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Don't just take our word for it

We've collected a few testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits for themselves.

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About the Creator

The Magical MASK was developed by a healer esthetician Mayumi Doi. She is a specialist who is dedicated to help people achieve optimal health and beauty through her innovative services at Awai Healing Salon.

Magical MASK - The Oral Healing System

Get a slimmer, more youthful face without the hassle of expensive treatments

The Magical MASK is a revolutionary Japanese-designed face mask that will unlock the secret to a youthful appearance and overall well-being.

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Is your face in need of a lift?

The healing of the magical mask works on the mind and body through the pathways, pressure points, and chakras that are the energy pathways around the mouth, leading to harmony.