What can I expect from Fumi massage?

You may have several questions or may want to know if a Fumi massage is right for you, we have put together a list of common frequently asked questions just for you.

Q. What is Fumi massage good for?

Besides making you feel relaxed and energized, a Fumi massage can be used to treat a variety of conditions such as:

Muscle tension

Fumi can work the tension and spasms of the muscles, helping to eliminate muscle aches by rubbing and pulling at the skin and muscles by pressing on acupressure points throughout the body to release tension which helps facilitate blood flow and circulation, aiding in healing injured muscles.

Improve skin

A Fumi massage helps stimulate circulation in capillaries of the skin’s soft tissues. This also serves to stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands and keeps skin moist and smooth. With improved blood circulation you can enjoy a more healthier look and glow.

Excess stress, agitation and exhaustion

Helps those who suffer from fatigue and weakness by restoring and maintaining the body’s energy.

Fumi can also help to aid migraines by relaxing the body and increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the body. For those not in the know, migraines are caused by a rapid widening and narrowing of the blood vessels in the brain or head, causing irritation and pain.


Issues such as fatigue and insomnia, a relaxing Fumi massage helps promote better relaxation and reduces stress, leading to more ZZZs!

Q. Does a Fumi massage hurt?

Even though the thought of deep pressure from the fingers, elbows and feet might seem painful, it’s actually quite the opposite as each session is tailored to each individual. Whether you like gentle or a more firm pressure applied, this is discussed beforehand.

While at times there might be some slight discomfort, be rest assured that pressure is adjusted throughout the session to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience, some customer’s are so relaxed they fall asleep!

Q. What do you wear to a Fumi massage?

We typically recommend that you wear soft comfortable clothes, the softer the better. The session takes place on a soft padded surface, so wearing something ideal would ensure there’s no discomfort from your clothes.

Q. How much does Fumi massage cost?

Our prices are:

60min $75

90 min $100

60 min $70 (First time customer - Save $5)

Q. How is Fumi massage performed?

A typical Fumi massage is performed on the floor, you lie face-down or face-up on a layer of soft foam. Throughout the session gentle pressure to the body using the foot to massage key areas of the body such as: legs, arms, shoulders, buttocks, hips and feet.